We represent farmers and farming families across Britain who are concerned about the risk that Brexit poses to the British farming industry, the countryside it manages and the country’s largest manufacturing sector: food production.

As farmers we are concerned and directly impacted by the fact that the Brexit promised in 2016 cannot be delivered. At no time did the leaders of the Leave campaign suggest that farming would be confronted with a No Deal Brexit. The future of the UK’s farming industry is seriously threatened by a No-Deal outcome with adverse consequences for the supply of British produce the UK’s 14,000 food and drinks businesses. Some 4 million people earn their living in the UK’s food supply chain. In the years following a No-Deal Brexit many of these jobs will be lost as the food and farming sectors shrink.

In this context, we are calling for a People’s Vote on Brexit. The farming industry is particularly vulnerable to Brexit and farmers deserve to be heard in this crucial debate. Now that it is clear many farming livelihoods are at stake, forcing a destructive Brexit on the British farmers without giving them the opportunity of a final say is a democratic outrage.

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